What we do 

Coffee and tea processing 

Introduction on how coffee/tea and coffee/tea related activities are done locally until we have a local cup of coffee to drink. We show how the local beans are collected, cleaned and dried for processing into coffee. Here you will be able to drink local coffee directly in the coffee field. 

We will also introduce you to the tea processing, how the tea is grown and harvested. Tea is a major cash crop in Uganda. 

Local brewery

Transition of banana is brewed,processed locally up to acquiring local beer, local wine,then distred to get local wine. This involves local collection and hipping of green banana that is the special for processing local gin. We also show the process of making banana wine out of ripe yellow bananas. 

Batwa experience

Batwa experience such being introduced to the mutwa medicinal herbalist , sharing batwa culture and values, dance and music, fire making using special coliding wood, hunting with use of bows and arrows etc.

Visit local community

Introduction on community biodiversity/Agro tourism initiative and visiting local community schools both secondary and primary.

Visiting the womans initiative


A large community of local people inhabits the edge of the national park in a village called Buhoma. The women of this community form the cornerstone of their families; raising the children, working the land, tending to their animals and performing many other daily tasks that fill their days from sun up to sun down. Since these women are so busy trying to make ends meet, they do not have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop a career, or earn money. Often, the women will explain how they feel undervalued and disempowered. Today, Ride 4 A Woman strives to empower many local women by providing them with training in local crafts, textiles, bicycle repair and English instruction.

Visiting the hospital in Buhoma

Visiting the only medical hospital in the region.(called Bwindi community hospital) that was started by Scott and American missionaries in 2001  to help the batwa and the surrounding villages to get medical service delivery. Bwindi Community Hospital cares for more than 100,000 people living in the South Western corner of Uganda. The Hospital is located twelve hours drive from Kampala, the capital, on poor roads, two kilometres from the Eastern border of the Congo and one kilometre from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Most of the people here are farmers or herders who live without running water and electricity, many walk for hours daily to collect water and firewood, and most families survive on less than $1 a day.

Mountain Gorilla tourism

Bwindi Batwa Cultural Organization is a partner with Uganda Wilife Authority in gorilla tourism and conservation